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Hi - I'm Jo.

I work as an Emotional Health Practitioner, blending several different roles into one. First and foremost, I am a BACP senior accredited counsellor and a family support worker, both within the education sector. But I also deliver tailored workshops and webinars for parents/carers, and appear as a keynote speaker at many events.

I am a passionate and committed advocate for the improvement of mental health and believe early intervention is key. Combining my academic knowledge with first-hand experience, I offer fellow professionals and parents/carers the chance to gain a better understanding of the importance of mental health wellbeing in children and young people, as well as its relevance to staff wellbeing.

I also produce educational content for a global audience on YouTube and TikTok promoting the importance of good mental wellbeing.

My ultimate desire is to inspire the younger generation to be the best version of themselves they can be.